Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Guns and More Guns! is now online

Welcome to my new site:  Guns and More Guns!

Yep, I am a cute girl who loves to shoot.  Some guys love it; most women libbers hate it.  Go figure.

I started shooting while in college.  I wanted to be self-reliant, so I tool a course on self-defense.  The instructor in the class taught aikido (a kind of martial art), but also recommended that students learn about firearms.  His position was to have several options available in a bad situation.  Neither art, aikido or shooting, alone was good enough for protecting yourself.

So, I started off shooting some handguns.  As soon as I moved off campus, I got a concealed carry permit and (gasp) started carrying a firearm everywhere I went.  I've never had to pull my firearm, much less shoot anyone.  Statistics suggest I will never need to shoot someone.  But, if I'm one of the far too many women who is attacked, mugged or some dirtbag tries to rape me, at least I will have the chance to defend myself.

I've never understood the sanctimonious real-life trolls who seem to thing it is better I "defend" myself from a rape by urinating on myself rather than putting a couple of 9mm slugs into the felon.  Being a victim is not something I aspire to be.  I am a winner, a survivor, and if needed, a warrior.

Now, I own multiple firearms including the evil black rifle (an AR-15) and an AK-47.  All of these guns are fun to shoot and none of them have gone on any rampages.

I dislike politics, but I love the truth.  Stick with me if you want the truth about girls and guns!